FRESH PICKED From the yachats river valley

Ann Jensen is a well known Master Gardener that has been providing her greens to the finest local restaurants. Part of the August Yachats River Valley Farm Tour since its inception. She is now offering her fresh veggies fresh picked direct from the farm!

Freshest veggies available   ⋅  No waste from market

Relaxing experience   ⋅  See where your food is grown

Learn the process from a Master Gardener

Picnic area available   ⋅  Right on the Yachats River


October 1, 2022

Cucumbers( eating and pickling), Lettuce, Peppers, Corn, Tomatoes, Beans, Beets, Carrots, Zucchini, Cabbage, Kale, Chard, Huckleberries, and also pitchwood for fire starting. 

We’d like to thank you for your support of River Wind this season – see you next Spring! –  Ann, Bug and Meg

River Wind Farm House
Green House Chard
River Wind Farm - Hank the Labrador


8402 Yachats River Road

Come take a drive up the scenic Yachats River Road for your fresh veggies!

River Wind Farm - Yachats Oregon
Ann Jensen
River Wind Farm - Yachats River Valley